2019 - Redcrossmuseum - Exhibition design

In Posters unpacked, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum presents its rich collection of posters from all over the world. The Museum began collecting posters after it opened in 1988, with a steady stream of acquisitions and donations from National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies arriving since then. Today, the collection counts over 10,000 posters, dating from 1866 – three years after the Red Cross was founded – to the present.
2019 - avdc - signage

Vaudoise Association for Contemporary Dance asked us to develop ephemeral signage for the 2019 Swiss Dance Days in Lausanne. We designed and build diferents elements in order to fullfill several needs such as space separators /  signage / programme holders / welcome desks... All the signs was composed of black MDF, bubble wrap and a light source. The cold february nights has been warmed by the unique Swiss Dance Days Events and we lightned them with a straightforward and lightweight  signage system.
2018 - - Prize design

"Prix Economie et Culture Valais" made of waliser stone this prize hold a silver jewel which rewards and represents the beauty and the labor of a economico-cultural  engagement in the brutal and mineral geographical Waliser context. Project in collaboration with Alain Floret Spiral Visual Communication.
2018 - City of Geneva - Event design

Where do we meet this summer? City of Geneva  gave us "carte blanche" to design a summer festival called "L'Escale". Composed of recycled materials this participative popup village, gave the audience the opportunity to play, dance and perform freely through different open setups, such as a free piano, an urban garden, hammokcs and games. That participative scenario drove citizens to take ownership of the public space and play, night and day on 2800 square meters area of liberty. This project has been developed in collaboration with Anaïde Davoudlarian.
2018 - Théatre de l'usine - Scenography

«Happy? make an effort!» So what does the double suicide of John Littig and Lynne Rosen, two gurus of well-being mean? Their show was called «The pursuit of happiness».
what if this happiness was totalitarianism? Starting from this reflection, Rebecca Balestra, Tomas Gonzales and Igor Cardellini invited us to think about a mirror game in which humor, and cynicism could play a devious game of cat-and-mouse. This project has been developed in collaboration with Anaïde Davoudlarian.
Photo : Cyril Porchet
2018 - Antigel - Event design

In collaboration with Antigel's director Eric Linder we developed a night show it the Geneva's famous gravel-pit. Public was invited to follow live music moving stage truck and discover that inhospitable mineral piece of land where some performers and dancers where interacting with huge excavatrical machines.

Direction : Eric Linder & Gregory Brunisholz
Music : Sunfast
Scenography : Gregory Brunisholz
Costumes : Lea Perarnaud / Anabelle Sixt
Choregraphy : Aurelien Dougé
Dancers : Margaux Monetti / Daniela Zaghini / Paul Girard
Photos : Olivier Miche / Rudy Fluck

2018 - Antigel - Event design

Developed in collaboration with Eric Linder BOTANICA is science fiction audioguided walk throught the Geneva's botanical garden and its several greenhouses. 300 peoples where guided every hours throught a transformed park. equipped with audio headphones the public was plunged in the near future and taken away on an old planet where only two humans was surviving thanks to the plants and their loves.

Direction :
Eric Linder & Gregory Brunisholz
Writing : Fabrice Melquiot
Music : Alexis Trembley
Lecture : Mariama Syla
Scenography : Gregory Brunisholz
Light design : Mario Torchio
Performance : Cédric Gagneur / Evita Pitara / Lea Charriere / Maria Tchaika
Photo: Olivier Miche
2017 - Théatre du loup - Scenography

This installation, commissioned by director Adrien Barazzone, was developed for the play «Les Luttes Intestines» that took place in mai 2017 at « Théatre du Loup » in Geneva. Created with an air balloon, flexible textiles and a trampoline, the installation aimed to transport the spectator from a conference room to the inside of a futuristic stomach.
2014 - Axor - Scenography

FREE FOAM installation presents bathroom articles in a playfull manner. Foam, which is the combination of water, soap and air, is an almost impalpable material. In the same time, it
is an incredible memory trigger that recalls childhood or glamorous movie scenes. After many experimentations, we managed to master bath foam and make it become a perpetually changing living material. Attracted by those moving shapes and fascinating textures, the audience was naturally driven to  AXOR's new taps at the end of the installation. This project has been developed in collaboration with Anaïde Davoudlarian .This scenography won the silver award during the 2014 designer's saturday in Langhental.
2012 - RUNTAL - Scenography

Commissioned by Runtal in order to present their new radiator collection, this experimental and poetic installation calls to rethink ways of presenting products and more specifically here, heaters. We wanted to materialize the usually intangible product's function. These three hot air balloons were inflated with the heat produced by the radiators. This setup questions visitors about the effectiveness of the product shown trough a well know physical reaction. Granted by a silver award this exhibition booth was presented at the Designers' Saturday in Langhental. This project has been developed in collaboration with Anaïde Davoudlarian.
2017 - A.D.  Jewelry - Workshop

Since 2015 Anaïde Gregory Studio is taking care of the visual communication, packaging, setup design, event management of Anaïde Davoudlarian Jewelry brand.
2016 - A.D. Jewelry - Jewelry

SILVER & PIGMENT is a jewelry collection, which combines round and organic shapes with colour surfaces made of pigments powder mixed with resin. The pigment powder gives a stone feeling to the colour surface. Each jewelry pieces are hand made with fine Silver (925) by Anaïde for her brand www.anaidedavoudlarian-jewelry.com.
2014 - A.D.  Jewelry - jewelry

This modular and customizable jewelry collection combines the timeless character of silver with the delicacy of paper. Inspired by marine microorganisms, the silver shells host, for a moment, some colourful translucent paper petals. This offers many possibilities to combine shapes and colours in order to fit a particular mood. Each jewel comes with 20 paper “refills”. Hand-made by Anaïde in Geneva for www.anaidedavoudlarian-jewelry.com
2017 - Antigel - Event design

Is a recycling plant an appropriate place to celebrate the Chinese New Year? Since 60% of the manufactured products sold in Europe are produced in China, we believe that mass-production is now part of the Chinese culture and that waste is the dark side of it. By organizing the celebration of the Chinese New Year in a recycling factory with a scenography entirely made of thrown away wastes, we wished to give «15 minutes of fame » to the new challenge we are all facing (producers and consumers), namely recycling. The project was developed in collaboration with Antigel Festival. Photo : Olivier Miche
2016 - City of Geneva - Scenography

What is your ideal meeting place? Commitioned by the City of Geneva and developed with Happycitylab, "L'Escale" was our answer. Composed of recycled materials this participative popup village, gave the audience the opportunity to play, dance and perform freely through different open setups, such as a free piano or a big boombox to plug I-phones and share music. That participative scenario drove citizens to take ownership of the public space and play, night and day. 
Photo: Patrick Gilieron Lopreno
2012 - Center of Contemporary Art Geneva - Product

Can a furniture piece replace a classroom? When new director Andrea Bellini decided to transform the art mediation classroom into a cinema at the Geneva Centre of Contemporary Art, the art mediation sector had to face constraints of space to provide their in situ art classes. After discussion with the mediators, we designed this table in order to fulfil the following functions: mobile workshop, gallery, meeting space, storage. The «WORK MOBILE» now moves through the Centre’s floors and exhibitions in order to provide art classes for children twice a week. This project has been developed in collaboration with Anaïde Davoudlarian.
2017 - Antigel - Scenography

Directed by Eric Linder 
THE UNDERGROUND BRASS BAND show took place in an underground parking lot in the suburbs of Geneva city. Spectators were guided by a percussion band through a maze made of white fabric suspended on the fire extinguisher network (sprinkler). This extraordinary journey was an unusual happening that brought the audience through several shows disseminated inside this maze, such as a contemporary dance duo, a pole dance show, a BMX demo, and a brass band concert. This scenography was developed for the famous series of events "MADE IN ANTIGEL" that are original creations of the Antigel festival. Photo : Olivier Miche
2017 - Idori - Product

2013 - Sandmeier editions - Scenography

This air blown installation, commissioned by Sandmeier’s editor, was developed for Xiao Peng's photo book launch in November 2013 in Shanghai. Composed of a plastic balloon, an artist poster tank, a fan, a stool, a pedal, a chain and a book, this interactive installation aimed to connect ideas, objects and people in a incongruous loop in order to answer Xiao Peng’s
photographic work. This project has been developed in collaboration with Anaïde Davoudlarian.
2019 - Satigny - Event design

Village of Satigny invited us to animate a square for the summer 2019. As the square was hosting the weekly market and was surrounded by a butchery, a bakery a retirement home and a nursery we decided to offer the villagers a tool to meet each-other and mix generations around a project that offer a 16 meters long table shaded by a 30 metres hacked planting tunnel. in addition of the table the project was offering a public free to use BBQ, a little bar, a piano and a toy library.
2013 - Swatch Art Peace Hotel - Product

Made for the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, this trolley was developed to fit the mobile storage needs of resident artists. The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai is an international art residency. Each invited artist receives a room and a workshop for 6 months. As workshops are very spacious, artists need movable storage to bring their tools from one place of their studio to another. This project has been developed in collaboration with Anaïde Davoudlarian.
2012 - Center of Contemporary Art Geneva - Product

How can a furniture piece bring an audience together? This product was developed in response to Nicolas Bourriaud's book "relational aesthetics", which develops the theory of a contemporary art practice as a cradle for encounters through the work of radical and minimal artists. “Diner” gives appointments, builds inter-human relationships and creates encounters, but as designers we also wanted to address this problematic by developing a functional tool with a strong and pleasant aesthetic highly recognizable as a logotype. “Diner” has been exhibited at the Centre of contemporary Art in Geneva. 
Photo: Nicolas Delaroche.
2011 - EXD Lisbon - Scenography

Why do some objects affect us more than others? Do drying racks always need a cheap, ugly and collapsible design? What if we gave a second function to this object? Could it become a masterpiece in our homes? Developed for the Biennial Experimenta Design in Lisbon, PROJETO CORAÇÃO RAZÃO is a fun installation dedicated to children. These small bifunctional architectures (hut / dryer) call into question the status of everyday objects. During the biennial, children were invited to take possession of these microarchitectures and to contribute to the project by questioning the love that they carried out for different objects through a colouring book. This project was developed with the kind support of Kvadratt .
2014 - self initated - Book

“Made in China Diary is first and foremost a travel log retracing a five-month journey through manufacturing China. Adopting a witty and curious approach, they gazed upon the Chinese economic miracle. This book give you a look at local manufacturing processes, ranging from modest family operations to factory-cities resulting from success stories unlike anything seen in our region of the World. But it also grasp the dark side of this miracle, the unbridled urbanization, the negligible value of human life in the global production chain. Throughout this journey, we discover how the products and services of tomorrow are made, based on new production and quality standards. Welcome to the next millennium, welcome to the world of Innovated in China.”Pascal Marmier Swissnex Shanghai
Buy here : madeinchinadiary.com
2014 - Aad - Exhibition

For the "made in China Diary" booklaunch we have been invited by the Aad exhibition space in Geneva. We used the window as a countdown, every chapter was reveals day after days until the D-day where the book has been presented. Since then the book is avaiable on madeinchinadiary.com
2015 - West Bund Art Center- Exhibition

In 2013, we travelled around China from factories to factories led by our curiosity! We got in touch with a factory that was producing bouncy castles but also airplanes and weapons decoys for armies from all around the globe. By Skype, we showed our interest for this kind of products especially the inflatable F-16. We planned a visit a few days after. The sales manager and the factory manager welcomed us as if we were Swiss army buyers. The F-16 was standing inflated in the middle of the factory just for us! It was one of the funniest situation we experienced during our 5 months of travel in China. 3 years later, this fake F-16 was standing at the WEST BUND ART CENTRE for the Shanghai Art & Design Biennial next to our Made in China diary exhibition as part of the IDEAS IN ACTION show curated by Beatrice Leanza. 
2015 - Design Library - Exhibition

The Design Library in Hangzhou invited us to exhibit our photographs and present our book "Made in China Diary" in their exhibition space.
2015 - La Côte d'Or - Label design

"it is all about red and white" When wineyard "La Côte d'Or" began to develop DAKAPO as a very original concept, they asked us to develop a label to promote the originality of their concept through a very radical and simple design!  Dakapo is an colouring grape variety from Germany. It is mostly used to enhance the colour of certain wines. This 100% Dakapo is an original and rare cuvée. Indeed, this red grape variety is vinified as a white wine and then reared in oak barrels for eleven months.
2011 - Trees and Lights Festival Geneva - Scenography

Developed as part of the "Arbres et Lumières Festival", LA LIGNE is an ephemeral urban lighting project. The installation was visible throughout the month of December 2010 in Geneva. Fully developed with fabric, LA LIGNE is a 10 meter high spiral held in place by tree branches. It is a lightweight and effective solution, largely inspired by the inflatable globes of construction sites.
Photo: Nicolas Delaroche
2010 - Maya Guidi Galery - product

Commissioned for «toys & games» exhibition at the Maya Guidi Gallery in Geneva, Walvis is a bench developed from a regional limestone. The research on this project is linked to children imagination. Childhood is a fascinating life period were low walls can be fossilized animals and big trees can be elephants legs. None of the modern toys can develop children’s creativity more than their own environment. This bench gives a special status to children, interpretation and dreams.
2010 - Self initated - product

"Blow!" is a tribute to utilitarianism philosophy. This project claims joy as a reason for design, as well as comfort or ergonomics. "Blow" questions rationalism as a definition of design. Or how a simple breath in a paper folding can bring joy? The intention of this project was to design a moment of joy and to materialize that souvenir by a light and fragile paper sculpture.
2009 – Self-initiated - Product

«Sushi» is a seat project developed in order to question the life cycle of soft furniture. As reparation becomes a less common practice in the sofa sector, we wished to develop a soft furniture where each part could easily be replaced and recycled. These pieces of furniture combine quality materials assembled with only one simple rubber belt.
2017 - CEPV - Workshop

TRACE is a research project developed with pre-apprenticeship students at CEPV. Each student picked a body part and an inking method. They had to develop a wearable tool for painting with those two constraints. The aim was to teach students that new aesthetics often comes from upstream innovations, such as impressionism among others comes from innovation in oil painting packaging (tube) that gives mid XIXs century young painters the freedom to bring their material outside their workshop and to focus on their live interpretation of light and colour.
2017 - CEPV - Workshop

PAPER COSTUMES is the result of a workshop we gave to pre-apprenticeship students at the CEPV in Vevey. Through this workshop, students sketched simple shapes, modelled them on 3D software and acquired the skills to export files to a laser-cutting machine. They learned to prototype and effectively communicate their idea using only paper.
2011 - Nicolas Delaroche Photography - Scenography

When photographer Nicolas Delaroche asked us to help him find new ideas to display his photographs we jumped into this very first scenographic challenge with enthusiasm. Inspired by his pictures taken in Swiss museums, we developed frames and a bench made with wood typically used in art transport boxes. We also added some objects that referred to details we found inside images.
2012 - Nicolas Delaroche Photography - Scenography

For our second collaboration with photographer Nicolas Delaroche, we pushed further our research on innovative ways to frame his work. As the exhibition was taking place at Batiplus furniture shop, we decided to create framing inspired by furniture such as a shelf-frame, a low table-frame, a cabinet-frame and a coat hanger-frame.